Okita Sougo

GTA SA Ped Skin

About this character :
"Okita Sougo (沖田 総悟, Okita Sougo) is the former 1st Division Captain of the Shinsengumi, and was a trainee at Kondou Isao's dojo in his youth. He is the younger brother of Okita Mitsuba who raised him after their parents passed away. He is recognized as one of the best swordsmen in the Shinsengumi and takes pride in his job to lead the vanguard as to open a path for the Shinsengumi. " 
This mod converted by me from Gintama WII.
Three models (with various varian in this pack)

download v 24-10-2016  convert : Yuniwii

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid


GTA San Andreas Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

update : 21-10-2016 add Kamen Rider Genmu level 2
link still same

update : 07-10-2016 add kamen Rider Ex-Aid from kamen Rider Transcend Heroes. This is the correct proportion , i think

Description :

TITLE     : Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
TYPE MOD  : Character (conversion) 
Copyright owner : BandaiNamco, ent

ss Ex-Aid from KR Transcend Heroes 

"i put Android dff version in this new pack, but not tested"

old mod

Two models in this pack with different (minor) mesh edit

two different look (from front and behind)

Kamen Rider Genmu

This mod shared for the good GTA mod fans communities only.
I am not responsible for the misuse of this mod for anything unlawful and immoral acts.
The mod shared as it is.
Editing not supported, do it yourself.
Bugs fixing not supported.
Reuploading again NOT ALLOWED .... :D 
Packed again NOT ALLOWED

Try to find  tutorial from several websites or Youtube about how to install character / skin for GTA San Andreas

download link GTA SA Kamen Rider Ex-Aid + Genmu  convert -edited: Yuniwii (v 07-10-2016)

Boba Fett


GTA SA Ped Skin

Star Wars Mod

Boba Fett 

Boba Fett Bounty Hunter(from Jedi Academy Mod)

The models originally from Star Wars Jedi Academi Mod (Neomarz1) .
I only convert this to GTA San Andreas.


download convert : yuniwii (24-10-2016) fix some rig

Jango Fett


GTA SA Ped Skin

Star Wars Mod

Jango Fett 

Jango Fett (from Jedi Academy Mod)

The models originally from Star Wars Jedi Academi Mod (Neomarz1) .
I only convert this to GTA San Andreas.


download convert : yuniwii

X-Files Mod in GTA San Andreas

update : 20-10-2016 add Dana Scully
Mods in this post : GTA San Andreas X-Files series
"Fixing dead link ,,,,

Fox William Mulder + Dana Scully

from The X-Files : Resist or Serve.
"It's low poly model and have similarity with actor David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson"
Ported to GTA San Andreas by me [Yuniwii].



GTA SA Megaman

Megaman Zero Z Saber

I only convert this weapon from obj model to GTA SA.  No idea from  a game or scratch made model.

Two models (regular model and transparent)

skin megaman in that pic can be found in 100Nadzmi site

Iron Man Mod 

for GTA San Andreas


Update 14-10-2016: add Ironman Mark 1
Update 6-6-2016: add Ironman from Kellogg Marvel’s Civil War

I will updating my mods too,if there any good progress like, --for example- at the moment; normal map mod by DK which support reflection for peds.

Several Ironman skin for GTA San Andreas. All done by me

Ironman Mark1
Iron Man mark 1 Classic from "Marvel Heroes"
© Gazillion Entertainment, Secret Identity Studios
ss GTA SA Android


convert : Yuniwii
download v 14-10-2016

Iron Man from "Kellogg Marvel’s Civil War"



Iron Man from "Marvel Contest of Champions"

© Kabam, Marvel
convert : Yuniwii, model provided by X-N-A

Features :
support : DK_ normal map plugin + Ryosuke normal map plugin
male01 = Ironman with normal map support
wmyst = without normal map

How to use
with mod loader :
copy folder "male01-ironman Marvel Contest of Champions" to modloader folder.


maybe there will better version in the future

Download link Ironman Marvel Contest of Champions 14 January 2015
old mods :
Iron Man Mark 3 

v22-02-2013 convert : Yuniwii

Iron Man Crimson Dynamo

v17-01-2013 convert : Yuniwii


Iron Man Night Club 

from Marvel Heroes

v 31-12-2013

to be continued ...

Tokyo Ghoul

GTA SA Tokyo Ghoul Mod

Beberapa mod Tokyo Ghoul yang ku port ke GTA San Andreas.

Copyright owner : BandaiNamco

1. Kaneki Ken
Awakened Kaneki

low poly :
Mod ini dibuat untuk PC version dan support android version (tak ku test).
(untuk android gunakan texture yang ada di archive dan ubah nama dffnya ke nama ped semisal fam1)

Yellow Jacket Superhero

GTA SA Ped Skin
update : 02-09-2016 fix dead link and add reflection and normal map.
update : 09-10-2016 add compatible Android version

Yellow Jacket

Yellowjacket from Marvel Future Fight

© NetMarble, Marvel

rip, rig to GTA SA by Yuniwii

ss Android GTA SA
 "I using this for replacing ballas1, for easier test. You can change it to any ped you like, fam1, male01, etc"

new normal map 02-09-2016
ss2 (old) 21-11-2015